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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It has been awhile...

Assalammualaikum wbh... First of all. I wanna say sorry for the non-moving static-stagnant blog that have been stay silent for the past busiest two months. Its not that i dont want to update any of the latest story, i wanna share to all of you. I was soooo busy doing nothing, plus KEMALASAN appear way high than the everest mountain. Goshh. Of course!! So many great things happened to me for the past two months. But of course there are ups and down.. there are times i cried.. times i laugh out loud.. times i didnt manage myself well.. times in pain.. so much times to be tell about! Just sooo much! Hehehehe sooo! This time around. What should i post? What update should i put here for my new entry? Jeng jeng jengggg... Lemme think. Since there are too much stories to be tell to all of you, i end up getting nothing to update. *sigh-a-long-sigh..... Hahaha! Okay. We'll start off with a lil picture of my short vacay. Hehehehe cekidaut! 

First thing first. Meet my new boyfie. Mr. Spongebob Hawaiian Ver. 

*the fact is... my face is wayyy bigger than the spongie. Haihh what to do lehh. I want to show my face je actually. Kahkah. Haaaip .________________." Now lets move on! Scroll on lads and gens!

Ok now, heres one riddle for you. Where am i right now? Which waterpark? Which themepark? Ok... No. Stop saying that im fat cuz i know i am .___________." Lil notes for ya. This pic or any after pic was and were taken after me and my friends done 'bermandi manda' there unless stated. Hihiks. Thats why i look more miserable than before *or maybe i look miserable all the time? sobs sobs.....

Hehehehe so i think most of yall still wondering where am i right now. Or maybe those who followed my instagram and twitter already know where were all those pic taken.... T.T" Its the Melaka  A'Famosa Water World. Or VV. Hahahaha i myself could not really remember the name of the place since i was so exaggaratedly happy! We did play all the games there! All the gameeess. Even the extreme one. The highest body slider evah. You would not want to know how high it was. I was like huhhh haaahh huuhh haaahh when i reached the top of the slider because it was so hard to breath after you climb that high stairs. And my heartbeat did beat so fast. Felt like its going to explode when i slide my body off the slider. Hanya Allah yang tahu how scared i was that time! I can see all the theme park upthere while i slide. Dahla slide each person per slider. Fuh fuh! Nice game btw, a quite scary experience. Hehehe. Short vacay this time around is in Malaysia. Hehehe my long vacay insyaAllah. With Allah's will.. will be the oversea. Fly~~~ accross the sea. Not the globe. Yet. Hihi.

Need a tips for a bright fair skin? Dont ask me. I have a gelap face with a parut parut besar like kawah uolls! Regret it with all my heart on getting picit picit the jerawat while it still fresh! Erghh, pimples are sure a big disaster for girls around my age besides the turning weight. Dont ever try again on picit picit your fresh pimples! Put it in your not-to-do list everyday so it will be a reminder. Put it as your wallpaper also. Kay i dah start talking rubbish. Pardon me. Hehehehe 

If youre a true follower of my blog. *p/s: ada ke true follower on my blog?* *mood perasan* Then you guys must have known this lil girl. Hehehe why do i keep take a close up look of my face leh. Sooo my dear friends. Let these pics below talk instead of me talking to you, typing a nonsense words which will make you scroll down faster without reading my post. Hahaha! Pictures everyone!

HAHAHAHAH face of mine! Meet my new eyebrow. Ok noooo. That was just for fun! No any other intention. Hihi.
A pic was taken before we arrived there at the A'Famosa. Please be noted that this is just an acting. A candid with a broken-freestyle. Fani with her open-aaa-mouth, guess she's letting the flies to enter her own mouth. Me sleeping with a nice eyes catching spec. Hahaha and Ruby is sleeping with the ribbon-lamp's on. What is wrong with us?! Hehehe biasalah buat perangai. I was playing Ana's phone there before we decided to snap this ugly picture of us and i ended up holding Ana's phone while sleeping! playing the games that we almost fight together everyday! Its the subway surfers :B Hahahaha 

Well actually, there are tonnes of pictures... But i cant upload them all. That will be my part time job with no extra money if i do that. And there are beautiful moments of us girls, but.. there are some of us that didnt really cover ourselves well... let me put all the memories inside.. inside my own mind, our mind.. and hopefully those pictures will again be revisited when we meet again. InsyaAllah. Nothing will go wrong when we talk about our sweet moments even with no pictures. If it crystally clear in our mind, then let the time shares it together when we grow up :) Till the next update of my latest entry.. till you wait again for me for a new story... Assalamualaikum ;) Xoxo.