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Saturday, 28 April 2012


So ouch. Having this bless and blast day in hospital. Did the Ultrasound and everything, Kidneys are having lil problem, (╥﹏╥) Alhamdulillah. Am healing :]

Bear given from someone. Thanks for this birthday present. hehe ^^ Setiap masa ada dekat sebelah :]

Balls from Kyuhyun and Donghae during SuShow 3 in Malaysia. Me grabbed em real nice you know :p

Finally. No caption. Real random. Haha.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Thanks to someone.

Ehem. Assalamualaikum. I baru je nak update about my new entry, memandangkan last entry pun dah lamee. And why  do i stay silent for so long? Final exam lah. Final exam yang boleh dikira macam nak pecah otak. This semester i have 1 subject that is 4.00 credit hour. Tho setiap sem pun ada kan, but still. That one yg paling tough. And yeah, I have Construction Law, Building Services. Bersyukur dah lepas ohh T.T And back to the title of thanks to someone. yeup. this person always help me, comforts me up when im down, give me the way whenever i cant really think straight when i'm in such depressed situation. Always give me such useful advice. Sampai rasa macam  sgt lah kecil in this world ._.

Below ni are some of the advice. Yg lain i simpan dalam otak shj k? :)

"Be strong, perempuan dicipta utk menjadi tulang rusuk lelaki. There must be a guy out there yg fits with you, tgh mencari tulang rusuk dia :p :)" 

"Janganlah menangis buz, air mata perempuan tu utk mengatasi beban hidup. But perempuan still can smiles even tgh suffer. Thats why perempuan is created utk lelaki"

"I know that every girl, they're strong. Like you do. They give unconditional love"

"Baz, you ni matured sangat lahhhh. The way you think mmg matured gilah ah. I can say your bf is lucky to have someone like you, unfortunately he doesn't know how to show some feedback about it."

Whenever i cried so bad, cant even breath, n then u saw all my tweets, then after few minutes.. there'll be one new mention to me. from you. N yeah conversation get along to this blackberry messenger. You gave me such beautiful advice..

"Pergi ambil wudhuk, then solat.. Lepastu mengaji" 

You told me, to control my emotion instead of "campak my blackberry to the wall" sampai tetanggal my cover tu. patah... T.T battery smpai terkeluar. hmm. Thanks to you now, i do know how to control my over-sadness feeling. To control my emotions, to control all of this stressful situation. You always remind me, not to forget.. about Allah. to Him we ask, we pray. 

i did told you kan, "stop predicting future, you'll end up hurting your own feelings." 
you reply "buz, kenapa semua benda buz cakap betul :("

Plus, i did told you, how amaze i am of seeing your attitude on chasing that one person. Though, your're being put at the 2nd place, of the intention on forgetting the old EX. Not to that, you sggup lagi tunggu, tho dia dah dumped you soooo many times. I salute you. Serious. Kalau i dapat guy perangai mcm yang tertera, MasyaAllah.. Rezeki from Allah. Too many advice yg you bg dekat i, i pun bagi dekat you.. smpai u pggl i Dr.Love? heh heh heh. U said, "no hesitation eh after this!" regarding on myself yang selalu simpan cerita sampai stress boleh gila -.-" didnt know knowing you was the best thing, best ear-lending friend forebah. ^^ Gud Luck on the upcoming results. You kan dapat Dean List last sem. So i tak perlu risau. hehehe. even study week pun u dah start study. i? golek golek dekat rumah ni. hehehe Thanks yeah. btw, banyak cerita you terkantoi kan. HAHAHA. ok, i simpan. ngeh ngeh. Lotsa love. ur new QS's friend. Buz.