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Friday, 22 June 2012


For you, I belong to you
Come, approach, embrace me, I need you
For you, and my soul is in you
Hey love of my life, I will live my whole life for you 

My heart called you
And wished you'd stay to be with me 
After these years and longing
I found you here with me
Hug me to you, you are my lover
My life is for you
And I will live my whole life for your eyes
And my life is a sacrifice for you 

by Fares - Albi Nadak :')

*p/s: pics were taken while im on the ferry, a two days trip with my girls to Penang :) xoxo. 
Inner : Tepi jalan
Stripes shirt : Cotton on
Dress inside : Cotton on
Flats : Vincci

Grab em all in sales ^^,


Randomness II


Thanks to Ibrahim Yatim for this birthday present :'] Only you...