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Monday, 28 March 2011

Makan makan, clbrating hidayah's gud spm results :)

there she is. the girl, the princess the queen. 
evntho its a small gathering, yet, it was still an enjoyable moment.
a sweet moment, dedicated from a mom to her daughter.
she herself proud dat she gt 6A's in spm. 
well siapa tak kan? satu A pun stll hard to get when u're in spm MODE! 
i dnt even wnt to repeat those moments again. no more SPM please =/
simply siti's promoter! 
Izzar now coming to rock d house >.<
playing around ^^ tarik naim tarik ! 

naim touch-up =='' and the boys were like 'ehmmm'

awed :O zatul looks bootiful.

my beloved mok daya + mok teha ! <3

eat eat eat eat eat eat :O

azim ehsan + kaki farid ? hehe 

there were lotsa pictha. too lazy to upload. ngeh ngeh.
and still, they were few of my friend tak ada dlm pic pic yg ada neh -,- 
sorry guys. tk brapa knal sgt lah yg lain. =/

p/s: time : 2:55 AM. esok kerja lah woiii. nnt update lg. 
mata sepet habes neh -___- nyte for now! weee 

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