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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Parents ♥

I just dont know how to start... i keep on crying whenever i see pics of them both.. rindu membuak buak because im so far from them. whenever im not around with them. Miles away feels like im in another world, missing them like hell. Cant even focus my study. Both of them are just adorable. Always granted all the wishes of whatever i ever wanted. Their laugh, smile, frown, giggles, everything. Just everything.. i miss them. Every single thing about them makes me happy. Woke up every morning and knowing they are there for me.. always.. thats what makes me happy. I just dont know in what way should i repay them. Ya Allah... i love them so much :'( Tears are falling down right now macam paip bocor dah. Thank you Mum for every single thing :'( and for the new iPhone. A gift from you to me.. And thank you Bah for everything.. Selalu bagi apa yg org nak. Tho org malas buat kerja :/ you still layan my kerenah. Ahhhh i wanna go home now. I hate being here in Seri Iskandar :( I miss my family :( 

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