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Saturday, 14 May 2011

few days to UiTM =|

been busy preparing for the first intake of UiTM. course of Quantity Surveyer. its not that im not happy, its just.. QS is not the course that ive choose, its mum's and dad's..whatever it is, i'll try to give my very best fucking effing shot to dis course :( am not really good at math. i didnt even gt an A+ fr my math. got A only~ and add math. daaa credit saja.

so.. fr sure. am prearing fr d longggg list.
1st.shampoo, 2nd. lotion, whatever bla blaaaaa. until 50.
and bought most 1/4 of it at tesco. *murah kan? ngeh ngeh =3

hehe, sooo.
 1st msuk tesco. start to buy those test pad, pencil, pen, whatever ding dong.
then pick evrything yg cute miut and put inside the trolley. hehe
mum said *ambil cepat sikit, sukati adik nk ambil apa* wee =D suka gilakk
then jln punya jln saw this erm, lupa d name. but bnda ni. i'll use it as my tmpat ltk baju kotor. haha
cuteee isnt it? nmpk terus ambil kot. tk fikir apa dah. so bigg. so bnyk baju blh letak. but then. putus tgn nk basuhh. huaaa nk hanta dobi je la TT__TT

ni pula~ my cadar. hihi am crazy with pink. even cadar pun pink? 
eh suka hati lah. katil saya, bukan awak. wekk

okay. tahu awak nk gelak. saya beli bantal kat tesco. 
tapi u know what. 
ni pun 1st time i beli bantal tesco taw!
and why? pegi tesco sana, cuba peluk skt bantal neh. empukk wehh =.= haha
boleh la, satu bantal tesco, satu bantal aussino~ 
*taleh lepas pillow aussino. peberet punya bantal. 

ini, erm.. 1/4 of my list that i bought at tesco.
yg luggage tu tak termasuk. teselit dlm gmba sbb da start packing evrything.
singlet pun gedik beli kt tesco. reason please?
sbb lagi bpe hari jeeee tinggal nk daftar dkt UiTM.
less than a week if include today. and i tk phtostat a thing bout mum and dad 's ic or whatever.
how cool.
tk sempat nk ke sana sini. 
nk hangout lagi. haha  *itu yg difikirkan =,=

so dats it. a lil bit of my preparation to U. not fully pack lg. 
have tonnes of things need to be done.
see ya soon :*

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