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Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy Eid! It's the open house, Food Fiesta!

It's Le Lamb on Le Grill! Lamb chop afterwards!

Fossil im wearing, Fossil given by my Hero! :* 

P/S: Please do not misunderstood. This open house, it was held at Manong, Kuala kangsar. My kampung sweet kampung. ^^v Bukan Shah Alam, kalau dekat Shah Alam, i would've invite all of you my darls and dudes. Peace no war. 

- And also, ya know, open house dekat my kampung ni invite lebih kurang whole people at Manong. The best part of it, there were chinese and indians all over from the kampung, came and eat together with us, laugh together, share pictures together :'> The event was fluidly perfect! And not to forget, my cant leggo name "Amoi". Huaaaaa. Nyonya, wa manyak lindu sama lu punya anak! Manyak hensemmmm lhoooo. :'O Siap kenyit kenyit mata dekat wa sebelum balikkk, kasi wa cair. Wuuuuuu.

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