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Thursday, 9 June 2011

missing you..

i want the old you
the real you..
the one who make me smile..
the one who always hug me..
the one who never lied to me..
the one who always send me text msgs non stop..
(every minute,evry sec, didnt even skip an hour)
we were texting back then, b4 spm.. i said i wnna take a nap, and wake up at 3am :)
and then, by 3am.. my phne rang.. you said "da bgn da?" .. b4 cple tu ;)
then you bwk food to me, when i was so fucking hungry..
b4 cple juga tu ;)
you ptg kan chicken fr me at the library fd crt :) yeah b4 cple jugak!
and ckp i mkn mcm budak kecik.. tk kesah..
u said u wnna come to library, thought u were lying back then. few mins aftr. u were there!
again, b4 cple! :)
and banyakkk lagi.. aftr cple lg lah kan. tak terkira..

now, eventho we still texting like we used to, 
i tk tahu kenapa.. but i miss you like hell :')
rindu segalanya.. but i can do nothing..
hmm that sucks :'(

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