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Friday, 6 January 2012

A day with QaisZen.

QaisZen. Apakah? i know yall must be wondering, apebenda lah QaisZen tu kan kan. well act~ qaiszen tu nama mags untuk course QS dekat sini. hehehe Since i am pun part of the family, i am one of the photographer for this qs course dkt sini.. so ktorg dipaksa untuk photoshoot, shot solang solang untuk disumbatkan muka ajk ajk dalam mags tu. mmg paneh, tongah torik jalan di bawah cahaya matahari yang memancar direct ke kulit ni~ mmg pack harini, start from 9am, i have to fllow my classmates, shes a reporter fr this mags, n i have to fllow her, to snap all the lect's pictures T.T terus direct, class on 10 until 12, n then on 2pm competition IFCQ till 4pm, Alhamdulillah, we won *for the first round. 2nd round next week. muehehe then class again on 4 till 530. n then yeahh. meeting all my qaiszen pemilyyy~ jaoh woaa jalan dr faculty ke luar uitm. zzzz. rasa nak tcabut kaki T.T hahh, but fr today, saya jd unofficial photographer, sbb yg handle gmba harini dua olang senior. hehehe so gmbar bawah ni semua suka suka :) 

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