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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

soot soot flames

its been awhile, since i update my last entry.
sowie, too busy lepak-ing with my chingu
gossiping, fighting, laughing and so on. =p

now i wnna talk about ..

staring at the sky 

am looking at chu

i miss you b~
every moment every second everyday every night~

alone, alone and alone without you my love, prince, hero, my one, my heart, B~ =')

forever alone, if u leave me..

only got stones, dried leaves and natures..

forever looking for the outstanding moments, 
trying to catch that ring that hanging~
be with me, till our hair getting brown, grey then white. till we have our hair no more.
till our faces got that superb wrinkles in our late years
till we see our grandchildren
till till till, our last breath..
be with me..
i love you
Muhamad Ibrahim B Mohd Yatim 

2nd part~ with mai mai bunny cutie 

she's a, hot stuff. 
mushy mushy she's so hot =,=
am jeles.

dont cmpare me with mai, 
haiyaa =,=

mai sengaja buat that face, but still shes pretty tho =)

told cha 

okay buruk, penat. make up hilang.
selepas tgk sejuta cinta marshanda, marimar.
paksa nizam soh snap gmba! 
tak kira!
nizam pun ikut =p

full credit to : NIZAM and Mai~
camera: nizam and mine.

after brhnti kerja, blh dikatakan tiap hari keluar. few days je ddk rumah, kot. haha
slalu blk lmbat smpai midnight smtimes smpai kena bebel, kena grounded juga la kot.
apa apa lah.
b4 msk U, ~insyaAllah dapat~ kena la hangout dgn kwn kwn.
nnt da msk U, windu zaman zaman ni.

so dis is what i've been doing lately, photoSOOT *sngja hilangkan the H.
"y meh?" well, tell me.. bila kita dapat soot? bila ada api kan? hehe
so photosoot, u pndai pndai la jawab =p
papetah =.=

wait fr next freaking latest new entry.
wlaupun cerita da lama.
nk update gak! 
tak kira.


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